Deployment reads

Only an idiot goes to war without books.  Variety is key and throughout the months away books get shared or lost.  People will send me books and I'll send some home to lighten my load.  I remember reading 'The White Spider' while waiting for a helicopter on a trip around Kandahar.  Reading a mountain climbing book surrounded by sand and heat was soothing.

'The Sea-Wolf' by Jack London.  I don't know how many times I've read this.  Every couple years I pick it up and read it again.  My goal is to read the other stories included.  After I finish the title story.  Almost done.

'The Greek Way' and 'The Roman Way' by Edith Hamilton.  It's good to ponder civilization when surrounded by war. 

'Tribe' by Sebastian Junger.  My whole team read 'War' while we were in Afghanistan.  It was required before you were allowed to watch Restrepo.  The new book has been recommended by several people.

'Cross of Iron' because why not? 

'Up in the old hotel' by Joseph Mitchell.  This book was given to me by my friend Michael.  I've been reading it and trying to understand what it means to be a better writer.

Bukowski because, again, why not?

'Sapiens' by Harari.  It's good to ponder the big questions