Truck Problems

The damn check engine light came on and my diesel doesn't run so well some mornings.  Some things never change and truck problems are an eternal that I'll probably live with my whole life.  Granted this is the first truck that I've needed a laptop to diagnose.  I can hardly believe that I have an issue on my new truck- it's only 18 years old.  But that's the age of problems.  Still, I don't stress these things anymore than they are worth.  That's a benefit of getting older and having a lot of life experience.  I think back to my first truck that used to go through points like a pretty girl through boyfriends.  I carried a dwell meter and a timing light in my tool box and could get everything kosher on some side of the road between Washington, Michigan or California.  So I'll yank the valve covers off this truck and find out what the demon is and then be back on the road seeing the country and breathing easy.